Cakes To Order In Portsmouth

Cakes to order(Collection only)

Homemade traditional victoria sponge with the choice of fresh whipped cream or buttercream and fresh strawberry jam. £22.99
Homemade chocolate large sponge filled with chocolate buttercream £22.99
Homemade large tray of traditional breadpudding £10.00
Homemade large tray of traditional flapjack £10.00
Homemade 12 fresh cream and strawberry jam scones £15.00
Homemade box of 6 cupcakes £10.00
Homemade box of 12 cupcakes £16.99
Homemade box of 24 cupcakes £30.00
Homemade 100 cupcakes ideal for wedding £120
Homemade tray baked carrot cake £15.00
Homemade tray baked chocolate brownie £15.00
Homemade large chocolate and orange cheesecake serves 10-12 £20.00


Cakes to order in Portsmouth